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CUP of TEA, v0.1

Open-source Modular Dynamic
Online code, contribute! Small scripts, calling functions from libraries Versioning: up-to-date with databases
Cross-disciplines Cross-scales ModEx
Ecology, models, remote sensing Microbe and stomate to the globe Measurements x modeling

Welcome to the Community Understanding Platform of Terrestrial Exchanges with the Atmosphere (CUP of TEA).

This project consists of creating versioned, open-source and online analysis and visualisation of land databases, such as:

In-situ observations: e.g., FLUXNET, COSORE, TRY
Satellite remote sensing: e.g., MODIS, SIF, GRACE
Models: e.g., CMIP

All contributions are welcome. With or without coding. Just open an issue here.
No code contribution: e.g., interpretation of figures, general ideas
Code contribution: e.g., tweak existing code, add a new analysis/visualisation
All programming languages can be used, R, Python, Julia, other.